TAM provides a safe workplace for all workers. Our safety philosophy is based on empowering, communication, training, encouragement, and demonstrating the required standards by our daily actions. Throughout all job categories, the shared commitment to the health and safety of each worker is given and received.

This commitment includes providing:

  • a safe working environment
  • safe systems of work
  • equipment in safe condition
  • facilities for the welfare of workers
  • information, instruction, training and supervision that is reasonably necessary to ensure that each employee is safe from injury and risks to health
  • a commitment to consult and co-operate with employees in all matters relating to health and safety in the workplace
  • a program to assist employees’ mental health wellbeing
  • annual health monitoring
  • a commitment to continually improve our performance through effective safety management

Respectful and effective communication is a foundation of TAM’s safe and healthy workplace, and starts with daily toolbox meetings, shift reports, safety meetings, safety & communications book system, regular training including company-wide training days and through the APE (Appreciation Program for Employees).

The methods of managing risks are documented in policies, procedures, and hazard plans. TAM’s hazard plans cover vehicle movement and interactions, electrical safety, and dust management.

Silica Dust

Silica is the most abundant mineral on earth and forms the major component of many rocks and materials. It is one of the most consumed resources worldwide, and is used in applications from glass and concrete to the high purity product produced by TAM, used for OLED and LCD screens. Employee health is central to TAM’s operations, and a particular focus is the interaction with silica.

TAM has been proactive in implementing strict control measures to ensure worker safety including:

  • Engineering solutions to reduce or eliminate dust in operations
  • Providing high quality PPE
  • In-house and independent air quality monitoring
  • Annual monitoring of employee’s lung health in accordance with Safe Work guidance