Tasmanian Advanced Minerals

A leading producer of exceptionally pure silica

Exceptional Silica Flour

Tasmanian Advanced Minerals produces high quality silica for use in smart screen technology – TVs, laptops, phones and other advanced applications. You may be reading this on some of TAM’s product right now!

The silica required for these high tech applications must be better than 99.9% pure. TAM’s product always exceeds this standard, and it has exceptionally low levels of iron and other trace elements, making it the best choice for the best glass.

Raw material is extracted from three mines located on the north-west coast of Tasmania and transported to TAM’s sophisticated processing facility in Wynyard. Processed silica is placed into bulka bags for export around the globe.

TAM’s mission statement:

  • Relying on our high purity resource and stringent QA processes, TAM reliably provides the highest quality silica to the LCD and OLED industries
  • We unlock their value with our innovative mining methods, quality systems, processing technology and by continually advancing our knowledge, techniques and skills
  • We provide a safe and healthy working environment through respect and open communication among all workers
  • We cherish the shared land where we work and live, and hold ourselves to high standards in protecting the environment. We minimise our footprint and promptly return the land to its former state
  • We maintain long term relationships with our customers and suppliers through our commitment to service, quality, product development and our integrity

What we do


TAM produces two standard grade products (CG and FG) and one elite, low Fe2O3 product – MX. Due to the diversity of its raw material, TAM’s strength is its ability to quickly react to customers’ changing demands for new products.


Tasmania is blessed to have unique, high-purity silica deposits. Silica flour is formed by weathering and leaching of silicified dolomite. Unlike alluvial sand, the resource has not undergone transportation which is a source of contamination.


TAM’s beneficiation process has been developed in-house and includes standard equipment and customised, internally developed technology.

Quality Assurance

TAM is committed to provide high purity silica flour to its customers and to constantly meet and exceed the needs and specifications of its customers