Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Control

TAM is committed to provide high purity silica flour to its customers and to constantly meet and exceed the needs and specifications of its customers. This level of quality is achieved by adopting a system of procedures which are monitored and reviewed by an internal quality control audit to achieve continuous improvement.

To achieve our commitment, TAM resolves to:

  • Earn customer recognition
  • Use only selected, approved suppliers
  • Only accept conforming products and services from our suppliers
  • Reduce waste and inefficiency
  • Promote a team environment
  • Identify employee potential and encourage applicable training for employees
  • Recognize each employee’s responsibility for quality and safety
  • Develop and maintain a QC internal audit system in which quality goals are set, monitored and reviewed to achieve continual improvement
  • Never compromise on quality, health and safety


Chemical analysis is done by TAM’s in-house laboratory which features a sample preparation area, a low-contamination wet chemistry section and two ICP-OES instruments. The laboratory is operated by a team of experienced and dedicated scientists with a strong focus on quality.